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Vivaldi – Autumn (1st Movement) by pianist Iola Clatsver

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

‘Harvest Celebration’, a neoclassical new-age music recording, in October 2020

Arranged by Iola Clatsver: Vivaldi -The Four Seasons – Autumn – Allegro, initially announced 22 September 2020, is a piano reconceptualization of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – Autumn – 1st Movement. Iola was always charmed by Vivaldi’s masterpiece. However, Clatsver has combined elements from classical style with neoclassical new-age elements and produced something quite different… ‘Harvest Celebration.’

Listen to arranged by Iola Clatsver: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons – Autumn - Allegro acoustic version right now

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